Video Marketing

Blue Chip is an integrated video marketing company, providing a full range of services from strategy, creative, production, project management, search, analytics and syndication.


Our multi-disciplined team offers decades of experience to better understand how video will play an integral role within our client’s overall marketing strategy. We focus on how video will be used, knowing the target audience, where and how videos will be viewed, and what the measurements of success are for our clients.

  • Video Production


    High quality video production does not have to be expensive.  Blue Chip’s production methodology reduces the costs by streamlining the process compared to traditional approaches.  In addition, our-post production is done in-house using our fully functional Vancouver post-production facility further reduces costs and shorten time to delivery.
    • Promotional Videos
    • Instructional / Training / Safety Videos
    • Investor Relations / Press Release Videos
    • Live Steaming / Webinars
    • Commercials / PSA's / Documentaries
  • video marketing


    We believe that a great video is one that is specifically produced to be compelling to the target audience and the channel that they will encounter them.  Our strategists will ensure that the business objectives are clearly defined before we start on the creative and production phases.
    • Business Requirements
    • Creative
    • Social Media
    • Search Optimization
    • Multi-Channel Syndication
    • Analytics
  • video marketing


    We are equipped with a 20' x 16' x 12'' green screen production studio close to downtown Vancouver, including state of the art video production equipment. Whether you use our full array of production services, or just need a place to shoot your studio production, we can help.
    • 20' x 16' x 12'' Green Screen Studio
    • Video Production Equipment
    • Live Streaming Services
    • Host / Talent Network
  • digital asset management


    We believe that the key to our own success is establishing long term relationships with our clients. We catalogue and store all of your digital assets. By using keyword technology, this allows us to build a searchable archive of digital assets for our clients, saving money in the long run.
    • Video Production Archive
    • B-roll / Still Image Archive
    • Transcripts of Interviews
    • Press Releases / Company Documents